According to the Common Standards of Professional Chaplaincy,

any board certified & Commisioned chaplain will have the following

basic qualifications and accountabilities:

Pastoral Care Education

The Spiritual Care Association now offers a path for nurses, social workers, and other health care professionals with a Master's Degree to become a Board Certified Chaplain!

  • Flexible Program

  • Convenient to your schedule

  • Designed with the working professional in mind

  • Combination of instructor-led and guided education



Your tuition will cover two units of online Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), and self-guided professional online courses that will prepare you to become board certified. Designed with the working professional in mind, the program is flexible and accommodating to your current schedule.


IALC does not require religious endorsement or a Masters in Divinity for board certification.

How it works:

 the candidate will:

Participate in two units of online Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). . Units are offered four times per year: winter, spring, summer and Fall. For a full list of upcoming units. 


     Complete the following 10 online guided courses

  1.  Heartbreak: Grief, Loss, and Bereavement

  2. Effective Communication Techniques

  3. Values, Obligations, and Rights: 

  4. Introduction to Spiritual Care at the End of Life

  5.  Health Care Professional Spiritual Care

  6. Spiritual Assessment and Documentation

  7. Counseling  Cognitive  Life-Skills

  8. Spiritual Values & Emotional

  9. Anger Management & Lifeskillsntelligence

  10. Care for All: Cultural Competence, Inclusion,