Our program is an International License that will be honored  across the globe in every country. Our training program is national accredited  program. Each and  Chaplain licensed under us must adhere to a very strict qualification prerequisites as well as background checks and activity history. We firmly believe in accountable services.
Step 1  Review the criteria and requirements before making any contact or inquiries.
This way all applicants are assured equal opportunity and have made a knowledge based decision to receive credentials and licensing from the Association
Step 2 Once you have reviewed the process then requires you to complete the Chaplaincy Entry Application. It must be accompained by the required entry fee. No Entry Applications will be revied without the appropiate fee. The process usually takes about  two week for  review and selection. If you are denied you will receive a denial letter. In the case of acceptance candidates will submit there non-refundable donation via online" No Checks Accepted.
Step 3 Once Canidate is accepted they will be instructed to pay the full  Chaplaincy  Fee Required. Canidates will receive  credentials a badge and allowed to become a member of the Association. All donations are considered final and no refunds are applicable.