We do beleive that Chaplancy itself is a 'Lifeline " to the community marketplace that provides both religious and spiritual comfort and directions and instructions.



According to the Common Standards of Professional Chaplaincy,

any board certified & Commisioned chaplain will have the following

basic qualifications and accountabilities:

 Obtained a bachelor’s degree from a college or university that is appropriately accredited.

 Obtained an appropriately accredited master’s degree in theological studies or its equivalent.

 Be ordained, commissioned or similarly recognized by an appropriate religious authority according to the standard practice and policy of that authority.

 Completed four units (1,600 hours) of clinical pastoral education (CPE) 

 A minimum of one year full-time chaplaincy experience upon completion of four CPE units.

 Current endorsement by a recognized religious faith group for ministry as a chaplain.

 Demonstrated competency in areas of chaplaincy care, as outlined by the  Standards for Professional Chaplaincy.

 Remain accountable to the endorsing faith group, employer and certifying body.

 Affirm and practice chaplaincy according to the Common Code of Ethics.

 Maintain membership in a certifying body by participating in a peer review yearly, documenting at least 50 hours of continuing education each year and providing documentation of endorsement with her/his faith tradition every five years.